Changing the Law

On Friday, January 29, 2010, members of the Minnesota Threshold Network and other groups met with Representative Carolyn Laine at the State Capital concerning legislation to change Minnesota state law regarding home-death care. Representative Laine and Senator Sandy Pappas are the House and Senate chief authors of a bill that insures rights of families to care for their own at the time of death.

Minnesota is the only state in the nation that now requires embalming for public visitation. This means that families cannot legally care for their own deceased without embalming, or hold a vigil in their own home with anyone other than immediate family members.

 Here is the process over the next few months: 

  • A bill to overturn this restricted law will be introduced in mid February
  • The bill receives a hearing in late February or early March.
  • If the bill passes the committee, it will either go to the floor of the House and Senate on its own or part of the larger health and human services bill.

What can you do?

It takes only a minute to call or email your legislator, asking for a yes vote!  If you send your name, home address, and email to Minnesota Threshold Network member Karen Ghodes at, we will tell you when and whom to contact.

Want to learn more? Come to a meeting Friday evening, February 12 at 1st Universalist Church. We’ll post more information soon about specifics. Stay tuned!


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