Minutes from 1/17/12 meeting

Minnesota Threshold Network

Minutes of January 17, 2012 Meeting

Present: Sue Dickstedt, Marianne Dietzel, Kathy Huset, Carolyn Laine,

Julie Tinberg

Marianne started off the meeting with some lovely music on her lyre.

We discussed the movie Griefwalker that was shown at the last meeting. Various opinions were expressed, and we agreed that the movie was an interesting look at how Stephen Jenkinson encourages people to talk openly about their death.

People discussed their tour of Prairie Oaks cemetery in Inver Grove Heights. It is great there is now green cemetery in the Twin Cities with a semi-central location. If Theresa Purcell’s educational nonprofit Full Circle (formerly Trust for Natural Legacies) opens a conservation cemetery some day, the Twin Cities would have at least 2 choices for green burial.

The MTN November tours of Crescent Tide and Wilwerscheid funeral homes tour were reviewed. We had very positive feedback on Crescent Tide, as there is a real need for “bare bones” funeral. We appreciated Stephen Wilwerscheid’s beautiful facility and his ability to offer a la carte and environmentally-friendly services appropriate for individual families’ needs.

We discussed the TPT documentary series Honoring Choices and the Mpls Star Tribune article, which both mention MTN. We wondered what our next projects should be. It’s interesting that there are now at least two Twin Cities businesses that offer the home funeral guide services that we have been providing on a volunteer basis.

Kathy Huset shared her experience with her sister’s death last fall and how MTN members helped heir family make decisions regarding after-death care. She mentioned a couple issues with preparing the body that got quite a bit of discussion.


We noted that some of our members were very active last year presenting to hospice and other groups. At our next meeting, we need to consider our direction and other possible outreach activities. We want to continue to be a forum “connecting groups and individuals concerned with family-oriented, natural end-of-life transitions,” and to welcome newcomers at every meeting.

Marianne will check into holding our March meeting at Aslan Institute with Divine Passages. Date to be announced. 


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