The January meeting topic, Home Funerals 101: The Vigil, is the first in a series of instructional meetings on family-directed after-death care and environmentally-friendly final disposition.

Jack's casket

The topic is in response to requests from those who want a deeper understanding of what is involved in this sacred time, which can be very special for a family — a time of healing and connection — particularly if there is clarity about after-death care for the beloved.

Outdoor vigil

This meeting is a good time to bring friends and family and to learn more yourself about vigils. Members will share their experiences. As each life is unique so is each death and vigil. Stories help clarify our values and help enable us to assist others. We will also discuss ways that Threshold Network members who are interested can volunteer to assist families.

Singing & children at Jack's casket

Co-facilitating with MTN co-founder Linda Bergh will be Kyoko Katayama, featured in a Star Tribune article about her pediatrician husband’s home vigil. “Dr. Eric Stull spent the last six weeks of his life in a hospital bed next to the bay window in his St. Paul living room. He spent the first three days after his death in the same place. . .” The full piece is at

January 22, 2013, 7pm, at the home of Linda Bergh, 4315 Xerxes Ave. Minneapolis. Tel. 612-927-0894. Free and open to the public.


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