Minutes from Sept. 23, 2013 Meeting

morningstarcoverSMIt was an inspiring meeting, with several special guests joining us. Ten members of the Morning Star Singers opened with a song and shared stories and information about changing from a hospice choir to a comfort choir, interspersed with lively or soothing songs. The Singers have about 40 volunteers in their group. Three to six people will offer comfort through song for those “struggling with living or dying” at home or in an institution or, on occasion, for the family of the deceased. For more information, see http://morningstarsingers.org.

Wilhelm Reindl and MTN volunteers shared their moving experiences during the home vigil for Wilhelm’s wife and MTN activist, Leslie Reindl, who died in August. Leslie was generous enough to invite Threshold people to participate in her death as a learning experience. Wilhem thanked the MTN volunteers who were present for Leslie and her family. He spoke of compassion, which “seems to break forth at the time of experiencing death more strongly and purely than at any other occasion in life. This might be because it is a moment of finality with no turning back, everything stripped bare to the essentials. Compassion is the only thing that remains in its raw form without any protection or distractions.” He read from Leslie’s final note to him saying, “This is how I see my death, the earthly spark extinguished but a bright flame rejoining the eternal fire.”



Audrey Murray and Linda Bergh are in conversations about setting up informational meetings for St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church.

Crystal from the Morning Star Singers told about the Contemplative End of Life Certificate.

Eli Effinger-Weintraub is facilitating a Death and Dying conference in October for her pagan community.

Lawrence Doe of The One Hundred Souls Project is sponsoring a drumming workshop. You can contact him at lmdoe@comcast.com for more information.

Next meeting: Movie Night, October 21 at Linda Bergh’s home, 7pm. Details to follow.


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