End-of-Life University speaker series

End-of-Life University is a new organization founded by Karen Wyatt, M.D., author of What Really Matters, Seven Lessons for Living from the Dying.
End-of-Life University is hosting a speaker series Nov. 11-14.  Speakers include Ira Byock, MD, on “Options for Best Possible End-of-Life Care,” Marilyn Schlitz, PhD on “Death Makes Life Possible: Transforming the End-of-Life,” and Merilynne Rush, RN, on “Options After Death: Home Funerals and Natural Burials.” Merilynne’s talk is Nov. 13 in the afternoon.
Information about all the speakers and the schedule is at http://www.eoluniversity.com/speakers. It’s easy to register and the whole series is free! If you are unable to participate, the entire series can be purchased as mp3 files for $36. Karen says that hospices will use these mp3 files for their volunteer education programs, and she would like to make them widely available.

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