Next Meeting TUESDAY May 13, 2014, Green Burial and Cremation

TUESDAY May 13, 2014, 7pm meeting at the home of Nancy Manahan and Becky Bohan, 21 E. Rustic Lodge Ave., Minneapolis. Information and stories about Green Burial & Cremation, including options for both in Minnesota.

Outdoor vigil



Next Meeting SUNDAY April 6, 2014 Children’s Deaths

March 15, 2014 by mnthreshold  | Edit

The next meeting is SUNDAY (not the usual Monday) April 6, 7pm, at the home of Anne Murphy, 2183 Wellesley Avenue, Saint Paul 55105.
Topic: Deaths of Young Children. Share and hear stories, including that of Elizabeth Knox’s daughter, told in the inspiring book Alison’s Gift (available at the meeting). See Nancy Jewel Poer’s new 25-minute video “Gifts of Home Funerals for Families and Community Threshold Work.”
 Twin girls, Brielle and Kyrie, were  born 12 weeks ahead of their due  date. Needing intensive care, they  were placed in separate incubators.  Kyrie began to gain weight and her  health stabilized. But Brielle, born  only 2 lbs, had trouble breathing,  heart problems and other  complications. She was not expected  to live.  Their nurse did everything she  could to make Brielle’s health  better, but nothing she did was  helping her. With nothing else to do,  their nurse went against hospital  policy and decided to place both  babies in the same incubator.  She left the twin girls to sleep and  when when she returned she found  a sight she could not believe. She  called all the nurses and doctors  and this is what they saw.  As Brielle got closer to her sister,  Kyrie put her small little arm around  her, as if to hug and support her  sister. From that moment on,  Brielle’s breathing and heart rate  stabilized and her health became  normal.  Share the pic to show the world how  a little bit of tender love and  affection can save someone's Life.  ~ DeAnna Lee
(These preemie twin girls survived — a Facebook posting on the healing power of touch.)
Save the date for the May meeting: TUESDAY May 13: Green Burial & Cremation.

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