TEDx Video on VSED: “Not Here By Choice”

Alan Shacter made several unusual end of life decisions and is a model of dying more consciously. He asked his wife to share his story and his message. In this 17-minute TEDx video, Phyllis Shacter talks compellingly about her husband’s decision to voluntarily stop eating and drinking (VSED) to avoid living in the late stages of Alzheimer’s.

Phyllis Shacter

One thought on “TEDx Video on VSED: “Not Here By Choice”

  1. Phyllis carrying this compelling message for her tragically-lost husband is reminiscent of Linda Bergh’s support of her husband jack’s handling of slow death from cancer in their DVD “The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckelman”.

    This TED talk should be widely promoted to stimulate discussion about how to respond to the epidemic of Alzheimers Disease impacting so many of us. Allan and Phyllis’s response enable both potential Alxzheimers suffers and their families to consider options besides utterly helpless (& costly) victimhood.

    Richard Kern

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