A Will for the Woods: public documentary screening October 14



The Minnesota Threshold Network will host a public screening of A Will for the Woods on Tuesday, October 14. In this green-burial-focused documentary, musician, folk dancer, and psychiatrist Clark Wang prepares for his own green burial, determined that his final resting place will benefit the earth. His passionate wish for a legacy of green burials inspires a profoundly affecting and optimistic portrait of people finding meaning in death. Determined that his last act will not harm the environment and may even help protect it, Clark discovers the movement to further sustainable funerals that conserve natural areas.

Enabling Clark’s wish is green burial pioneer Joe Sehee, who aims to realize this concept’s vast potential by helping define its goals and standards and endeavoring to open the world’s largest conservation burial ground. Moved by Clark’s persistence and relying on Joe’s guidance, local cemetarian Dyanne Matzkevich, though avowedly “not a greenie,” establishes the first natural burial ground in North Carolina. Together she and Clark endeavor to protect the tract of forest adjacent to her conventional cemetery, developing a close bond.Winner of numerous awards!

See http://www.awillforthewoods.com/about-our-doc/

Please join us!

Tuesday October 14th
Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church
1895 Laurel Avenue/Saint Paul/Mn/55104
*Suggested donation: $5. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

6:30 Arrival and Introductions
7-8:30 A Will for the Woods
8:30-9:30 Optional group discussion


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