November Twin Cities Meeting: Home Funerals: Family directed after death care

Hand Candle

Presented by

Minnesota Threshold Network – Twin Cities

Ellen Hufschmidt, MA, chaplain and hospice grief counselor,

and Kyoko Katayama, PhD, LICSW

Tuesday, November 14, 5:30 -7:30pm

The Community Gathering Space at 514 Lowry Ave NE

(Adjacent to Carma Coffee Shop)

Did you know that

  •  when a loved one dies, family and friends can care for the deceased and hold the visitation and ceremony at home?
  • a deceased person is not unsanitary or unsafe to the living or to the environment
  • embalming is not legally required
  • green burials are available in Minnesota  

This event is FREE and open to all. Please join us and learn about your options.

Until every Minnesotan is informed–Make it known; it can happen at home.


One thought on “November Twin Cities Meeting: Home Funerals: Family directed after death care

  1. When someone passes away decomposition of the body starts immediately and can be very unsanitary, unsafe, and unpleasant for the living to care for. Also transporting a body from the place of death (if not at home) to the place of visitation and service is not an easy task and can be very cumbersome if you don’t have the right equipment. As well as making the body presentable for viewing/visitation has challenges that some people do even think about. And yes embalming is not required when direct burial with no public viewing or cremation is chosen. Once public viewing is chosen or burial is 72 hours after death, or the body is to be transported over state lines, or the health department deems the body to be a public health hazard embalming is required. …. Just a few things that the general public should be aware of.

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