Some of the MTN members who attended the NHFA conference in October 2019, along with our decorated mock vigil coffin. Photo by Barbara McAfee.

Contact for

  •  any general questions,
  • news stories, articles, and videos you’d like to share,
  • requests for presentations. We can present on family-directed after-death care and natural burials to churches, hospices, community groups, libraries, professional organizations, and teachers.

Contact a Minnesota Threshold Network volunteer home funeral guide for

  • education and support before a loved one’s death,
  • help with arranging a home funeral or natural burial at the time of death.

Marianne Dietzel 612-743-2370
Anne Murphy 651-964-9128

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I ran across course being offered in Minneapolis in September about hospice death midwifery but now cannot find it. Are you aware of this course anywhere?

  2. Hi,
    Please look at facebook search for Care Caskets. The environmental green casket


    Eric Marquardt
    608 219 0380
    Care Caskets Green Burial Certified

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